Environmental Practices

  • Staff
    • All our staff share environmental awareness.
  • Means of transportation
    • Minimum carbon emission is always a criterion when purchasing a vehicle.
    • We strictly adhere to the manufacturer's manual for the maintenance and regulation of the engines.
    • We adhere to the national legislation (MOT card)
    • All our company vehicles and their drivers exercise the code of Ecological Driving by reducing energy consumption, noise pollution, carbon emissions as well as the avoidance of traffic obstruction in congested areas.
  • Offices - Facilities 

        Our new offices were carefully selected and designed in order to achieve optimal management of the energy resources necessary for their operation 

    • Ideal orientation – natural daylight
    • Minimum thermal energy loss
    • Use of environmentally-friendly heating, lighting and ventilation appliances
    • Use of blue and green bins (waste segregation to facilitate recycling)
  • Machinery 

         Machinery selection criteria:

    • Health and Safety
    • Energy efficiency
    • Noise pollution reduction
    • Safe waste disposal
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