Oxobiodegradable waste bags

At the beginning of 2008, Manifest-Services has made a special contract for the exclusive trading and disposal of oxobiodegradable waste bags, with the trademark of our company printed in the front side of the bag.

The oxobiodegradable plastic products is the evolution, and the upgrading of conventional plastic products, making the material environmental friendly, while at the same time they have all the properties of plastics that are already known.

What is oxobiodegradation ?

Oxobiodegradation is called the biological decomposition of materials, by adding oxygen to their composition, in order to help to the physical decay of waste and their assimilation into the environment without being harmful.

In plastic materials, the oxobiodegradation is activated via the use of photodisrupters, and in particular plastic matter sensitive to light and heat.

All the products which contain plastic matter and are dumped to waste, make it into the environment, for more than four hundred years.

The photodisrupters are added during the production of raw material, having as a result to reduce in an efficient way the degradation time, while their complete absorption varies from 3 up to 18 months, depending also on the conditions of the environment.

Consequently, the oxobiodegradable waste bags, do not preserve the waste packed for ever, but they are self- destructed after some time, as long as they are exposed to light and heat, by contributing in a significant way to the absorption process of their organic contents from the environment.

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