The main target of Manifest's Quality Control System is the creation of a base for the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our procedures, focusing always on the constant satisfaction of our customers' needs and expectations.

To accomplish those targets the Administration support and constantly implement the basic principles and rules which govern the Quality Control System of the company by establishing objectives for Total Quality, based on the unconditional and productive cooperation not only with its employees but also with its partners.
The basic principles as these have been expressed through the procedures of the Quality Control System are as follows:
•    Fulfilment of our customers' demands as these have been specified in written contracts, always with the increase of their satisfaction in mind.
•    Productive cooperation with all its suppliers/partners.
•    Continuous education and training of its personnel.
•    Investigation of the reasons for non compliance or complaints and the further specification of corrective actions.
The System's principles as well as the objectives for the quality are reviewed regularly by the Administration in order to adjust to the new needs and developments in the market, to adhere with  current legislation and to ensure the fulfilment of the target for constant improvement of the company's procedures.
Through regular reviews the Administration succeeds in tracking new solutions for its needs in human resources as well as materials and methods. The Administration has made a commitment to  do its best to provide the necessary resources to cover the needs, as these are created by the current conditions.
All the department of Manifest Services have the responsibility to respond, adopt and apply in their day-to-day activities all the procedures as these are defined by the Total Quality System
It also constitutes a responsibility of the Management of Manifest Services to ensure that the Total Quality Policy is  published, comprehensible and applied by all the personnel of the company, with the aspiration to achieve the continuous, steady growth of its professional activities with a strong adherence to its principles and the constant provision of excellent quality and service to its customers.

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