e-customer service

Manifest has included all its customer service procedures in a high-standards information system (C.R.M.) of open architecture, which completely adjusts to the organisational and operational needs  necessary for the management of a project as well as to the demands for optimal customer service. An ergonomic and user-friendly system with a dynamic information design (sourcing-transfer-handling-history) without any risk of information leak, with the systems key benefits being:

  • Minimisation of the time necessary to process requests, information, directions. 
  • Direct,  reliable, transparent, coherent and cohesive communication without limits. 
  • The system replaces letters, emails and phone conversations, without dismissing them altogether. 
  • The potential to inform everyone simultaneously (people-in-charge, management). 
  • The development of a complete call log and the information recall speed constitute invaluable information and data necessary for re-evaluation. 
  • Immediate service.

We, people of Manifest, with the company's continuous improvement in mind, focus on the customers' needs to offer optimum and immediate service.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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