Health and Safety

The issue of health and safety at the workplace is very important for Manifest, in the framework of its operation.

The protection not only of the employees but also of those who enjoy-receive our services is the top priority of the administration.

The observance of legislation with a broader set of rules does not relax us.

By recognizing the criticality of the issue, we give the required priority at policy and procedures of health and safety.

Policy which includes the total of measures and rules which constitute the system of preventive protection.

Thus we inform and we keep informed all those who are involved regarding the dangers that they have, as well as the methodology with which they can be protected, along with programs for the improvement of quality of life at the work environment.

With the support of the Company Doctor and the Technician of Safety we elaborate programs which include the following:

  • Design of production process.
  • Creation of corresponding structures.
  • Selection of means and materials certified.
  • Training regarding the means of protection.
  • Establishment of implementation systems of prevention and professional risks.

Manifest does not confine itself at statements of principles and intentions but it has shaped and recorded a comprehensive health and safety policy, where besides the role and the mission of the Company Doctor and the Technician of Safety (with advisory and supervisory competencies), the final responsibility belongs to the central management.


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