Human Resources Management

The pressures which are currently faced by the businesses which operate at a particular competitive environment create at the same time some challenges and opportunities.

Challenges for the reinforcement of the required changes along with the improvement of the effectiveness and the organizational efficiency.

Opportunities which emerge from the new reality via which the role of the human resources has a particular importance.

Human resources which provides its work and mainly its talents and its creativity, via the following systems: fair application of evaluation, promotions, rewards and connection of fees –benefits with the results.

Strategic Administration of Human Resourses (HRM)

The Strategic Management of Human Resources is the total of policies and methods of human resources management which create the conditions as well as the professional skills and behaviors which are required in order to achieve the strategic targets of Manifest-Services.

The role of HRM at Manifest is the following:

  • Executive since it defines the politics, the systems and the operations.
  • Supporting at all of our organizational units.
  • Consulting, since it provides consults.
  • Supervisory, since it controls whether they are implemented in a correct way the policies and the predicted operations.
  • Executive, with the meaning that the HRM executes particular actions and aims at predefined results.

The quality of our human personnel has prominent position regarding the competitive advantages of the HRM strategy, as a vision, knowledge, ideas or as increased effectiveness which arises not only as a product of personal talents or particular abilities, but as a factor of the systematic intervention of the corporate organism and its connection with the common vision and the values of Manifest.

At the same time we evaluate the management systems, we collect all the data for the diagnostic review of the particular existing situation and the creation of corrective well documented proposals in order to repeal any malfunction which is located during the evaluation.

The team of human resources management shapes and preserves an environment vivid, dynamic, continuously evolving, with commitment at the Total Quality, not only on the technical result of the projects, but also on the servicing of clients.

We give the necessary importance at human factor at the operational and at the produced business value.

It constitutes a long term commitment but also recognition of the investment’s value at the human resources.

We exploit talents and knowledges, vitality and enthusiasm through the satisfying opportunities of training and development, contemporary work conditions, dynamic work condition, attractive work and corporate culture.

Corporate culture and work environment which attract, promote, preserve personnel and talents, with parallel continuous development, by integrating the maximum of their abilities at the achievement of the corporate targets.

We evolve the evaluation systems by broadening their base, in connection with the diagnosis of the educational needs, the development of career, the association of salaries with the result, the rewarding and the discrimination systems.

We provide opportunities for the evolution and work challenges, in particular at talented and “worried” persons in order to exploit in a more effective way their abilities.

Thus the quality of the human resources at Manifest is accredited a significant portion from the successful course up to now.

Manifest, is constituted as a dynamic company with targets and aspirations which are shared by everybody, administration and employees having as a basic mission the satisfaction of the customer and its servicing.


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