Human Resources Training - Development

At a business environment, intensely competitive and rapidly changing, we believe that the knowledge, the learning and the training of the personnel create the conditions for shaping the comparative advantage.

The training of human resources constitutes an active factor of innovation, it “opens” the door of long term development and leads to a new level of quality, creativity and effectiveness.

The ability of Manifest-Services to attract, to train, to develop and to preserve high quality human resources is a crucial factor for its business performance.

It has the same meaning with the long term value of investments, the financial health, the quality of Management, the quality of services, the social and the environmental responsibility.

The training of our human resources constitutes a dynamic investment with perspective and a variable that we face as fixed investment, and not as variable production cost.

For us the training has a meaning and operation of high importance, by avoiding the myopic view where attention focuses at the present cost, and not at the long term horizon of depreciation.

For us the training does not constitute a cost, but a chapter of investment and basic pillar of productivity increase.

The development of human resources through the training constitutes an advantage which cannot be copied or refuted.

With the quality, as the most characteristic feature of our services, the humans are those who ensure it through the continuous improvement and the creation of conditions and fields of the abilities and performance enhancement.

The training programs constitute an organizational element of our business life and not just procedures which last for few weeks, as the education.

The targeting of training programs can be focused at the following:

  • Knowledges: improvement of the observations, facts, information related to the requirements of job positions and the synchronization with the evolution of knowledge, as a catalyst of changes.
  • Skills: development and improvement of intellectual and interpersonal skills having as a target the effectiveness of action, the reduction of mistakes and the increase of provided services volume.
  • Abilities: expansion and extension of the total professional characteristic and for the successful execution of duties, through the reinforcement of personal performance.
  • Attitude: modification of the behaviour in order to respond at the changes of the environment with effectiveness and with reinforcement of self confidence and with willingness to undertake responsibilities.
  • At the same time the education recognizes and develops talents, increases the sense of safety and cultivates the participation at the vision and the common targets.
  • It activates the disposal of the participants, the enthusiasm, the satisfaction that they get from work, the sense of fair treatment, it shapes and influences the productivity, the reputation, the image, the total level of servicing.
  • The training supports the development of positive culture which is oriented towards the improvement.

The development of human resources includes policies and procedures related to the management and provision of needs, selection, training, adjustment and evolution, internal communication, avoidance of discriminations, provision of equal opportunities for development, ensuring of healthy and safe work conditions, provision of motifs, reward, identification with the principles, policies as well as vision.

The developmental perspective at Manifest can be based only on the development of its human.

Development of capacities and skills in a continuous and evolving way, with its exploitation and integration at the action, through which it has voice-role at our developmental course.

Development at an attractive work environment of increased requirements, distinct culture, administrative procedures and systems which exploit at the maximum the abilities of all the people.

Human resources development at an environment of collective creation, diffusion and usage of business knowledge, as well as quick adaptation at the new conditions which are shaped.

At an environment which cultivates a cooperation and teamwork spirit, creates a climate of mutual trust, recognition, sense of success, responsibility, active participation and orientation towards the result contributing at the smooth operation of development and evolution of human resources.

In addition it leads to the raising of work ethics since from the continuous development the sense of security and certainty is set.

We develop our human resources with systematic and intensive efforts, giving an emphasis at the creation of organizational culture which is based on the commitment and devotion of all, the possibility to take initiatives and expression of innovative ideas in order to reward those who work on and improve their abilities, the provision and solution of problems and the decentralization of decisions.

The development of our human resources provides an organizational stability but also flexibility, since it is created a “reserve” of highly trained personnel which can respond at every change and shares the same perception for the provision of high quality services and increased effectiveness.


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