Security Personnel Training

For Manifest Security the continuous training of all its employees is taken for granted and is non-negotiable.  
Their training consists of:

  • Induction training Basic training
  • Periodical training
  • Development training
  • Project training (induction-periodical)

The training techniques we have adopted are:

  • Theoretical
  • Case studies
  • In Basket
  • Role-Playing
  • Risk management
  • Simulations

Training media we use include manuals, interactive boards, DVDs, enterprises maps, clever cartoons.

Our trainers are internal staff or external (training visitors, experts).

Security Project File

Each employee after completing the induction training on the project, not only in the training room but also on the job, receives the project file where the following can be found:

  • Security and Monitoring procedures defined by the customer.
  • Project Safety Regulations issued by the management of Manifest Security.
  • Police and company ID card.
  • Assignment and Delivery dates for the project.
  • Health and Safety Regulations Journal.
  • Monitoring (regular or periodical) journal.
  • Events (unusual activity, actions etc) journal.
  • Emergencies journal
  • Emergency numbers archive.


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