In order to have cleaner water


There are places even away from Athens where there is clean water problem because of the pipe, and chlorine often in large quantities.

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School and hand washing


Our lovable little childrien they put their hands on any kind of source of germs. When you are close, you can drop them a look and be sure to clean their hands after using the toilet or before eating. But when they are at school?

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Pure elegance lines from Crete distract international gold award!


Dimitris Sergentakis, architecture student from the University of Crete, was awarded with a gold medal in the category Home Interior Products and praise in the category Interior Furniture for International Design Awards for the design of a chair of «Origami Chaise Longue» inspired by Asian art of paper cutting .

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Triumph' results the pure mind with high morale!


World Champion the Athens Law - Exceeded Harvard!

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13 ways to build a nice relationship of trust


Trust is a very special and formative sense, the existence of which is necessary for the success of companies and partnerships.

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The Ocean Cleanup Technology


The Ocean Cleanup technology that the young Dutch scientist has developed, called Boyan Slat has won several awards, but this time the start of a prototype device tested under the auspices of the Dutch government.

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How to clean properly the air condition


Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning is essential for good air quality carried in space. Clean the air conditioner with very simple moves!

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Pool cleaning


The operation of the swimming pool is to unimpeded continuous movement of the water content through the purification filter. The filter retain various particles suspended in water (dirt, dust) and so we manage to maintain our pool clean.

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Which beaches in Attica are proper for swimming


It is curious that some beaches, which are within walking distance from each other - even next to each other - showing other appropriate and other inappropriate. As Professor of Environmental Chemistry, University of Athens explains Panagiotis Christodoulakis, this fact because there are pipelines facilities, which have been declared legally as rainwater pipes.

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Goodbye caffeine!


Caffeine, sugar and white flour are substances that interfere with your metabolism and brain health. Can I get rid not feel deprivation;

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Two good words and... delicious ala Manifest

catering time plan.jpgThe cultivation of good relations between people, must be a priority of all active citizens, and members of smaller communities such organizations, groups, schools and companies.

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